Sound Testing

Sound tests can generally be split into those that take place on site (for instance at the new development or factory) or alternatively those that are carried out in laboratory facilities.  The most appropriate type of sound test and the location of the test will depend on what is being tested and also what information is wanted to be gained from carrying out the test.  AIRO can carry out a wide range of tests for both locations, with many included on our UKAS schedule of accreditation (AIRO is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0483). We will always endeavour to carry out the tests to a recognised Standard most appropriate for your requirements.

We are routinely asked to carry out sound tests on party walls and party floors of new and converted houses and flats.  This is often referred to as Pre-completion Testing in relation to Building Regulations compliance or is otherwise often referred to as sound insulation testing.

Similarly, we are often asked to carry out sound tests on products such as windows, doors, wall constructions, partitions and floor constructions.  Usually the most appropriate tests for these building elements will be one or more laboratory based sound tests.

The sections below provide a brief outline of the sound tests AIRO is capable of carrying out for these two situations.  Whether or not the sections below cover the sound test you require we would suggest that you contact us with details of your project and requirements as we are always pleased to discuss the most appropriate testing programme with you.

Pre-completion testing / sound insulation testing

  • UKAS Accredited (No. 0483) – UKAS No. 0483 Schedule of Accreditation (opens in a new window)
  • Carried out in accordance with Approved Document E of the Building Regulations (and Standards BS EN ISO 140-4:1998, BS EN ISO 140-7:1998, BS EN ISO 717-1:1997 and BS EN ISO 717-2:1997)
  • For new or conversion houses and flats, schools and other educational buildings plus Candidate Robust Details
  • General sound insulation testing for commercial, healthcare and other buildings
  • Experienced staff
  • Fast reporting

In the event that the tests show that the built constructions do not satisfy the performance requirements needed (Building Regulations or Employer’s Requirements etc.) our staff have the experience and technical knowledge to provide treatment specifications aimed at upgrading the sound insulation performance to the required level.

Laboratory Sound Tests

Our Hemel Hempstead Laboratory can be utilised to carry out UKAS accredited tests / measurements of:

  • Airborne sound insulation (Sound Reduction Index – BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010, BS EN ISO 140-3:1995, BS EN 20140-10:1992)
  • Impact sound insulation  (BS EN ISO 10140-2&3:2010, BS EN ISO 140-6:1998)
  • Impact improvement (BS EN ISO 10140-3:2010, BS EN ISO 140-8:1998)
  • Sound absorption (BS EN ISO 354:2003, BS EN ISO 11654:1997)
  • Equipment and machine noise emissions (BS EN ISO 3743-1:1995 & 2010, BS EN ISO 3744:1995 & 2010)
  • Lawnmower noise (carried out off-site, ISO 11094:1991)
  • Traffic noise barriers (BS EN 1793-1&2:1998, BS EN 1793-1&2:2012, BS EN 1793-3:1998)

In each of the above cases the results are rated in accordance with the relevant associated Standard.  Please see our UKAS No. 0483 Schedule of Accreditation (opens in a new window) for full details of the measurements covered by our UKAS accreditation.

In addition to the types of measurements detailed above AIRO is able to carry out tests to other similar Standards as well as developing bespoke research and development projects.

We routinely test:

  • Wall and partition constructions (airborne sound insulation and sound absorption)
  • Floor constructions (airborne and impact sound insulation, sound absorption)
  • Floor overlay systems and carpets (impact improvement)
  • Windows and doors (airborne sound insulation)
  • Ventilation units (airborne sound insulation)
  • Noise barriers

The purpose of the testing can be for:

  • Demonstrating compliance with customer specifications
  • Product development
  • technical data for product marketing

If you are unsure of the best tests to carry out we would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you and assist you with developing an appropriate programme.