Environmental Noise

Our team routinely measures, models, assesses, advises and reports on road traffic noise, rail traffic noise, aircraft noise and environmental noise for planning applications, for environmental statements, for compliance testing, for cases of noise nuisance and other similar noise investigations according to the latest guidance and supported with a comprehensive range of noise and vibration instrumentation and software.

The most common development types for which we carry out environmental noise surveys / assessments are:

  • Residential
  • Schools / Educational
  • Industrial
  • Highway
  • Mixed use Retail / Residential

Our most common noise source types for which we carry out environmental noise surveys / assessments are:

  • Road traffic
  • Rail traffic
  • Building Services
  • Equipment

The environmental noise surveys / assessments routinely involve the use of the following Standards and guidance documents:

  • NPPF
  • BS 8233
  • Guidelines for Commnity Noise published by the World Health Organization
  • Environmental Protection Act

If the development type, noise sources and documents listed above don’t match your requirements it doesn’t mean we can’t assist you!  Please either refer to our Services Matrix that provides a more comprehensive listing of our testing, measurement and consultancy services or alternatively contact us to discuss your exact requirements.